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November 9, 2016

On November 8th, 2016, the American People elected Donald Trump as the next president of the United States in an upset for Hillary Clinton. My hope is that the checks and balances of our Republic can keep Donald in check and balanced.

As we begin to look at America in the aftermath of this election, two “Yuugely” significant things come into the foreground immediately.


    1. Though we always knew that the modern media was corrupt and had an agenda – we found out that it is far worse than we ever could have imagined. The so-called “Fourth Estate” is at least as corrupt as the other 3.  After shutting out 3rd party candidates from responsible coverage, after being “scooped” by wiki-leaks who all but handed them story after story that pointed to severe corruption on the part of one candidate and after viciously seeking to take down her opponent while making excuses and fawning over their preferred nominee, when 6:30 PM on election night rolled around, before the first polls had even closed and before any data was received, the confidence level of the media was 80%+ that Hillary Clinton would be the next President of the United States.  By 9:30, very shortly after the first data began trickling in, their prediction was 50/50, and by 11:30, their confidence level of a Clinton victory dropped to about 5%.TAKEAWAY: The nation of “checks and balances” no longer really has checks nor balances anywhere anymore. The Fourth Estate, in its entirety, proved that they are nothing but SuperPACs. They no longer provide news or information to the American people, but are the “Ministry of Truth” for one or the other of the two major political parties.

(NYTimes Forecast – image taken approx. 12:00 Noon 11/9/2016)

  1. A demagogue can whip our citizenry into a frenzy to get stuff done. I’m thankful that, in this case, the demagogue is at least was in some respects “friendly” to our constitutional republic and paid lip service to many of it’s principles. But looking at the electorate and the campaign that chose Donald Trump as President Elect, the great majority of his supporters looked no further than the end of the nose on their face. Few of them were reasoned and rational supporters of him and his policies, though there were some. Most supporters were simply convinced to hate his opponent more than him.TAKEAWAY: Reasoned and rational political discourse in our nation is dead. We truly have a “populist” government. Tell the people what they want to hear or get them to fear the boogie man and trust you to keep him away and you can get away with ANYTHING.

Whether this election simply revealed these realities or helped to bring them about will be fodder for future historians to determine. But Trump’s victory means that this is the new political reality and the trajectory for the future is very not good. Just a cursory look at history shows that the next stop on this track is fascist dictator.

We have been given a reprieve from dangerous forces that would topple our beloved republic. We have an opportunity to shore up its crumbled foundations and restore the trust of our citizens in our government. I pray we use the time wisely.

As we approach January 20th, when Donald Trump is expected to take the oath of office, review the videos we did in the lead up to this election. Also, join our mailing list and be part of the process that Makes America Great again by working to restore the legitimacy of our federal government by reasserting what is plainly written in the Constitution for the United States that we, the people, have ordained and established.

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